Memberships and NDIS funded options

As of the 1st July 2021 there will be some changes to the NDIS funded groups to accommodate the changes in the NDIS Price Guide and group structural requirements. This will affect all current and new participants who are funded through this model.

Groups exclusive to members only:
Saturday from 1.30pm to 4.30pm (slightly shorter on Face-by-Face day) 
$145.89 per week (8 participants) - Group currently full 

Tuesday from 1pm-4pm 
$138.68 per week (6 participants) 

Open Groups combined with Craftastic Social Groups: 
Monday from 1pm-4pm 
$138.68 per week (6 participants)

Friday from 7.30pm-9.30pm
$101.75 per week (6 participants)

Saturday from 10am to 1pm (slightly shorter on Face-by-Face day)
$145.89 per week (8 participants)

Crafters' Delight Social Groups 
Is our blended learning model using zoom, it's a great tool to expand social networks and engage those who may normally have limited access to attending groups. Minimize the pressure that can be created in the lead up to going to in-person groups, reduce travel hassles and feel free to wake up 5min beforehand and attend in your Pjs surrounded by the things that make you comfortable. I hope this model can bridge the gap for you and I look forward to hearing from you or your Support Coordinator soon. 

Join our crafting groups. Each week we will work on some paper crafting and complete 9 cards designed and prepared by Art For The Mind over the month. Each card project is clearly labeled and has both written and video tutorials available to help address different learning styles, speeds and any missed groups. Crafters' Delights Social Groups are social groups not instructional classes, but support on completing card packs or other paper crafting projects will be provided.

The group sizes will still be kept small for the best chance to actually get to know each other and more directed support. We hope it is a place where you can feel safe to tell your truths, face your inner self and become part of a new support network. We will introduce a range of spiritual and mental health strategies. It will involve an open discussion, possible handouts or an activity. These will be done in a light-hearted manner and you will be encouraged to host this section and share an activity or strategy you use with the class. It will not be therapy itself but act as a bit of a taster to see if this is of interest or a possible effective strategy. Together we will share achievements and celebrations, but where it’s also okay to not-be-okay. At Art For The Mind there is no requirement to participate, although we know you’ll love it when you do. We understand that sometimes just simply logging in and showing up is an achievement enough. 

Membership & Perks: 
Memberships are offered Crafters' Delights Social Groups. Memberships are for the regular weekly attendance for that particular class. They are rolling membership, with end dates dependent on availability within your NDIS plan. Prices are fixed so no not knowing how much each week might cost based on who else attends. Memberships invoiced weekly by NDIS line item and can be cancelled at any time with 1 months notice.

Members also receive an Art For The Mind Members Pack which includes your own AFTM canvas bag, an art book, pencils, and a mug. Each month a monthly supplies kit will be available for collection or posted for those who prefer, Competition, raffles prizes, gifts and giveaways frequently available both in class and via an exclusive Members Facebook groups. 

For NDIS participants:
  • Work with you towards achieving your plan goals and expanding your capabilities. 
  • Peer lead, so your facilitator has an understanding of some of the challenges you may be facing and the ebbs and flows of mental health concerns. 
  • Online groups and small groups sizes to create a safe space. 
  • Create or expand your support network. 
  • Work on social skills in a safe environment. 
  • Invoiced weekly to Core, Group Activities-Standard.
  • Quarterly updates to Support Coordinators or your mental health support team available on request.
  • Provides supporting letters and quotes for plan reviews to increase chances of better review outcomes available on request. Safe and nurturing environment. 
  • Material is presented in different mediums to allow for different learning styles. 
  • If you don’t attend the group you can follow the written material and videos. 
  • Weekly one-on-one welfare checks when required.
  • Must have access to an electronic device for Zoom and internet. 
  • Equipment and materials provided. 
  • Must be Plan Managed or Self Managed. 
  • 18 years old and over only.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Please email for a Service Request

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